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SDCadvice is created by Unitum who are at the forefront of employment for contractors and works with its partners to provide innovation and pro-active compliant advice and solutions to contractors, agencies and end hirers.

Unitum provides personal, tax and employment advice to workers, agencies and end clients through its subsidiaries Crystal Umbrella & Atlantic Umbrella. Accountancy advice is provided through Pocket Accounts LLP.

This website has been set up to provide a tool for workers to confirm their supervision, direction or control status and give our umbrella companies evidence that can be relied upon in determining whether travel will be an allowable expense under the new legislative rules. Professional indemnity insurance is in place to protect the workers should there be a problem with the results of the questionnaire and they have been relied upon. Please contact us for a copy of the certificate or speak with your umbrella company representative who will be willing to help.

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